Engagement Fun!

Kevin and I are so lucky to have such amazing friends and family. A few weeks back two of the groomsmen threw us an Engagement Party. We were fortunate enough to have both our families there, most of the bridal party and closets friends. The beginning of that weekend made for a wild and fun whirlwind of a week to come! The fact that so many people came to celebrate with us during the beginning of a new adventure made both of us feel very lucky! It goes without saying that we are incredibly grateful for everyone who came out and cannot wait to boogie down with everyone next fall!

IMG_6780 (1) IMG_6785 (1)

IMG_6779 (2) IMG_6777 (1) IMG_6818 image1 (7) image2 (4)IMG_6916 IMG_6917 IMG_6757

The whirlwind started with some dress shopping with my parents and sister when they came in a day early to NY. We Continued with a beachy weekend and our rocking engagement part Saturday night, Followed with my sister staying in NYC for almost a whole week. We spent a lot of time with the Kitt family, which was great because all the sisters got to hang! Then we hit up NYC on her last night here and got wild. I finally ended that week with a bachelorette party for a girlfriend who is getting married this September! Such a fun time! Worth every missed workout and glass of vino! (But I did totally pay for it on Monday during my workout HA).

Since I was limited on my time during my workouts during this crazy week. I made the most of it with circuit and HIIT style workouts.

Here was one I threw together: (no rest between exercises till the end)

Squat Thrusters 15lb DB 3×12

Push ups 3×15

Forward Lunges 15lb DB 3×12

Bench Dips 3 x15

Burpees with a push up 3×15

Plank up/Plank down 3×15

Rest 1 min.

I figured many of you may be getting in the last few vacations days of the summer. So enjoy this quick yet effective workout while you travel this weekend!Β Can you believe September if right around the corner?


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