Fitbit Charge HR

I got the new Fitbit Charge HR for my Birthday this summer. I had have been waiting a long time to invest in a good watch/Heart rate monitor but I was lucky enough to get it from my mommy. I’m not one to jump the gun on purchases especially if they don’t have all the bells and whistles or if they are over the $100 limit. In my mind anything over $100 is expensive…call me off (old?)fashion. I had gotten the Fitbit Flex for Valentines Day a few years back from my ever-so-thoughtful fiancé but I returned it because it didn’t have the heart rate monitor yet. He later told me he knew that but couldn’t wait any longer to give me one anyway!

I got to say I am loving the Charge HR during daily activity and my workouts but like everything there is still a few things that can be improved upon…


– It tracks your sleep patterns. It will record how many times you were restless, how many times you woke up, and when you fell asleep to when you woke up. For some reason if my fitbit said I got enough sleep and minimally tossed and turned then I believe it, even if I am still a little tired. If you are an early riser like me then this placebo effect can be extremely helpful in getting you through your day!

– The Heart Rate monitor. I love this because it helps me keep my HR elevated when I need to and when I don’t. I also enjoy it because it helps to more accurately track the style of workout…cardio, fat burn, steady state, ect.

– The calorie counter. Although I am not someone who spends the days counting calories every once in awhile I’ll see where I am just to make sure Im still on track. The app that goes along with it logs the food too.

– The step & stair counter…its always fun to see where I am at on a busy day!

– The mileage tracker. I am on my feet a lot so knowing how much I have traveled trekking my way around the city is always interesting.

– The app tracks your weekly workouts. If you are a visual person this can be really beneficial for keeping you on track!


– The mileage tracker when I am running is different then when I am using my Map My Run App. I am currently trying to figure out how off it is/which is correct?

– The sweatier you get the harder it is for the watch to read your HR. I am hoping this will be just a summer issue but who knows?

– Sometimes at the end of the workout the breakdown of what your HR was throughout it isn’t available/ “not enough data.” I am not sure if this has to do with the battery life yet or the sweat.

The pros definitely outweigh the cons for sure. I absolutely love tracking my exercises and seeing my weekly workouts and how hard/long I worked out! It provides such a great sense of accomplishment!

Does anyone else use a HR monitor when they exercise? Have you tried the fitbit? I’d love to hear your views on others!

P.S. The opinions here are my own. I was in no way endorsed by Fitbit. If I was that would be ballin though.


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