Gym Etiquette

If you belong to any major gym hub then you are aware of the rules that need to be followed to keep your membership, AKA stay out of the opposite sex locker room and so forth. But what about the unsaid etiquette of the gym floor?

IMG_6871 IMG_6870

Recently I was in the gym and I saw a couple of teenage boys “working out.” The older of the two was instructing the younger one on certain moves and I had been doing my best to stay clear of them for fear of staring. I have this syndrome…I think it’s called “You can read me like a book.” So I was doing my best not to let them know I was wondering WTF they were trying to do. After multiple failed exercises on the opposite side of the gym they were now working out next to me. I am not sure if they were mimicking my move or it was mere luck but we started doing the same exercise. It was international chest day so I was ending with some cable flys and presses. While I began my first set the younger boy attempted the same move. IT WAS DISASTEROUS!

Since I was nervous there was a possibility of the boys hurting themselves I intervened. After a quick tutorial they were on their way to another exercise. I think the fact that they just got a tips from a girl I may or may not have scared them away, but their egos meant less to me then them hurting themselves. How often do you get corrected at the gym? Would you be wicked embarrassed or appreciative because they were helping you succeed? I am aware it’s a fine line, especially as a woman approaching a man. Ever have an experience like this?

Here was my workout that day:

  1. Bench Press 4×10 (Heavy)

Squats 3×15 (Light)

  1. DB Flys (Heavy)

Glute Ham Raises (Light)

  1. Incline Chest Press (Heavy)

Switch Lunges (Light)

  1. Cable Flys

Triceps Dips

Cable Chest Press

Triceps Extension

  1. 100 Push ups ( Take your time….I did ha)

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