Rest Days? Love em or hate em?

Rest days? Do you do them? Are you a weekend rester or mid-day rester? Maybe I was ingrained with Sundays being “a day of rest” during my Sunday school days and it has stuck ever since but for some reason Sunday it is. That being said there are times when I am on vacation or traveling a ton during the (cough cough) that I can’t always get my Saturday or even Friday workout in so in those cases I have had to adjust things a bit. I have also noticed how helpful it can be to take off a Wednesday or Thursday and come back stronger. Remember QUALITY NOT QUANITY. I need to remind myself of this sometimes.

Speaking of the hectic summer schedules…BBQs, Weddings, Bachelorette Parties, Baby Showers, Wedding Showers, Family Reunions, ect. How do you stay on track? For myself it has been particularly hard because we have been traveling every weekend for the past 6 weeks but I have kept at it pretty strong. My diet may have suffered a bit from all those events but it was worth it. Its hard to turn down homemade cooking especially when your uncle is a master BBQ chef. I was sent home with a storage sixe zip lock of his pulled pork and may or may not have had it every day since. Confession…sometimes for Bfast, Lunch, and dinner. Oh well we cant be perfect all the time 😉

Anyways here are a few tricks I have used while traveling to help me stay on track with my workouts:

  1. Pack some workouts clothes and your sneakers. If I packed it I gotta use it. No excuse.
  2. Utilize the area you are in. A lot of my family is in the woods so using the nearby trails and hilly dirt roads for a run always makes for a good time.
  3. If you are pressed for time a HIIT workout will always do the trick. In only 10-12 minutes you can be done a workout.
  4. Are you traveling to a lake or an area with some fun outdoor activties? Switch up your workout to an hour kayak ride, give tennis a whirl, or utilize the pool for some early morning laps before it gets too crowded.
  5. Buddy up. Working out with someone always adds to the fun and motivation while making the time fly!

Here is the Interval workout I did this weekend with my fiancé. It did the trick.

20 Jumps Squats

10 Dive Bombers

50 switch lunges

15 push ups

20 Plank up & Down

Repeat 3 times.

The rest of the weekend was topped of with. BBQ, slip & slide, kegs, tubing, & family fun.FullSizeRender (32) FullSizeRender (33) FullSizeRender (34)


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