Please do not fret any longer, M.I.A for 6 weeks – I am back at it! If you are one of the 10 people who read every post then I am so sorry to have kept you waiting. To those 10 you are not forgotten. Since I am sure you all have been dying to find out where the heck I have been for so long, here it is, in no particular order…

– We finalized the date for our Wedding. September 10, 2016 (can’t come soon enough)

– I switched jobs, but only a little. I am still personal training 😉

– We celebrated the Fourth of July moving my Future in-laws into their new home with a pool. I promise it wasn’t all work and no play.

– I got really tan for an Irish girl for about 4 days.

– My Grandmother passed away…

– We have solidified a photographer & videographer for the wedding.

– My family is coming to NY for an engagement party!

– Three out of the four weekends in July I have spent unpacking, packing, or organizing in some capacity. But no, we are not moving.

– I had a girls weekend in Montauk.

– I messed up my back squatting and had to take 2 weeks off…TORTURE…

– I turned 27 (lame age but exciting year)

– Our wedding website is almost finished. no this will not change into a wedding blog, but yes I will tell you about every detail 😉

– We had the 3rd annual NY goes to NH and party on the Lake weekend. This year a band was included and my ever so talented mother sang. We raged.

– The whole Bridal Party has been informed…and everyone accepted haha

– I realized (again) how much I love to day drink during the summer

– I learned I am incapable of taking a sexy selfie…or a sexy picture of any kind so I have been practicing in my mirror for fear of my wedding day.

– I got to meet one of my very best friend’s new baby.

Since I just threw a lot at you…some good, some not so good…Here is the proof.

IMG_6583 FullSizeRender (26) IMG_6561 IMG_6578 IMG_6613 IMG_6535 IMG_6547 FullSizeRender (27) FullSizeRender (30) IMG_0524 FullSizeRender (29) FullSizeRender (28) IMG_6625

So you may be wondering whats to come….more exercises, workouts, and delish & simple lactose free meals. And the real day to day of a personal trainer who still has fun. Life is about balance and I am learning that more and more over the years. I must say it is a very invigorating feeling!

Here was my workout today:

5 min treadmill warm up

Exercise Weight Reps
Over Head Press DB 20 4×8
Plank 4x 1 min
5 min Treadmill Hills Increase Incline 1% each minute
Upward Row Bar 45 4×8
Leg Lifts 4×15
5 min Treadmill Hills Increase Incline 1% each minute
Frontal raises 10 4×10
Split Leg raises & crunch 4×15
5 min Treadmill Hills Increase Incline 1% each minute
Lateral Raises 10 4×10
Reverse Crunch on STB 4×15
5 min Treadmill Hills Increase Incline 1% each minute

Happy Hump Day!