I Pick Things Up & Put Them Down

Music can play a serious role in my emotions and memories! Certain songs can bring me out of a funk or bring me right back down memory lane to college, parties, relationships, or the moment you first heard that song. If I am ever feeling a wee bit low I usually play any song that is on my workout playlist or a recent race I completed. The songs were added to the playlist to PUMP ME UP and they do just that! And who doesn’t love to dance around in the summer months. The sun, short-shorts, bikinis, and cold brews ya gotta have good vibes to groove to even if it is in your apartment. Alone. In your diddies. Before your roomie gets home 😉

Here are some of my favorite songs I like to dance in front of my mirror to right now:

  1. Meghan Trainor – “Dear Future Husband” (maybe cause he finally put a ring on it)
  2. Andy Grammer – “Honey, I’m Good.”
  3. Grace Potter – “Look What We’ve Become”
  4. Jess Glynne – “Hold My Hand”
  5. Galantis – “Peanut Butter Jelly”
  6. Omi—“cheerleader”
  7. Sheppard – “Geronimo”
  8. Kiesza—“Hideaway”
  9. T.Swift Ft. Kendrick Lamar – “Bad Blood” (Don’t judge)
  10. Pitbull –“Time of our lives” Or anything Pitbull. The guy knows how to pump people up!

Any other suggestions??

Enjoy the beats during your next workout! You may have noticed that Monday’s workout didn’t include a lot of weights. Well get ready for weights today baby!


this may be a little extreme but you get the picture!

this may be a little extreme but you get the picture!

Exercise Reps Beginner Advanced
Warm up 5 min. Dynamic/ Exercises foam roll Dynamic/ Exercises foam roll
Squats 12 10lbs 20lbs or more
Walking lunges 12 Each leg 24 steps total 10lbs each hand 15-20lbs each hand
Bent over row 12 each side 15lbs 20lbs or more
Reverse Flys 12 8-10lbs 10-15lbs
Curtsey Lunges 12 each leg 10lbs each hand 20lbs each hand
Split squat 12 each leg 10lbs each hand 20lbs each hand
Overhead Press 12 10lbs each hand 15-20lbs each hand
Front raises & Lateral raises 12 8-10lbs each hand 10-15lbs each hand
Leg lifts 15
Side plank lifts 15 Each side
Plank 60 seconds 90 seconds
Cool Down run/ Stretch 5 minutes 10 minutes

*Make sure to complete each superset 3x before going onto the next. Play around with the weight because it is just a suggestion but make sure after rep 12 you can’t do 5-10 more reps. If you can then grab more weight because your getting buff. HALLA. And if you are a lady, by buff I do not mean that overnight you are going to have arms the size of Arnold. That’s impossible for us since we don’t produce enough testosterone. So if you want to start loosing some inches pick that weight up! Do it now!

or could it..?

or could it..?

I am going to some music thingy in the park with some girlfriends. I am a little unsure of what exactly it is but they had me at free music in Central Park, Bffs, & vino. I hope everyone else has something fun planned tonight!

Happy Go Getcha Hump on Day 😉


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