Munday or MONDAY

In a few years we are going to look up the definition of “Monday” in a dictionary and it will read something like this:
Noun: also know as hell
Verb: having so much to do but not wanting to do anything
Adjective: of great disgust

Monday you are a bitch sometimes… But why? Why can’t Monday be the equivalent of Ryan Gosling standing in front of you naked with a bottle of champagne in one hand and a triple fudge cheesecake dessert (or insert most desired dessert) in the other.



Does it it have to do with the fact that the weekend of your dreams has come to an end and that huge project that has been looming over your head since last Monday is now due? Well who’s fault was that? Since Monday’s have gotten such a bad rep over the years I have tried to look at them as a way to kick start the week into high gear and tie up any of those last minute “to-dos” that are still on that endless list. Everything aside it is all about your attitude that makes Monday a Munday or a MONDAY!

Here are a few ways to make it a MONDAY!!

  1. Do any meal prep for the week on Sunday night or if you are an early riser Monday morning. It will be one less thing you will have to worry about in case your day gets slammed and you happen to land a hot date that night!
  2. Get a good sweat in! I always feel my best on a Monday when I go to the gym first thing in the morning even if it is super early I always feel better!
  3. Plan a hot date or something to look forward to! Knowing that when you get out of work you are meeting some friends for HH or cuddling up to your boo will make dealing with the nuances of the day seem less nauncey.
  4. Hydrate! I know I can’t say this enough but the summer temps are upon us and if you keep your body healthy during the week. Those sleepless weekends will be much more easier to recover from!

Here is a fun workout for you to enjoy today! All Body Weight! Set your timers with the designated seconds per round. Do each round three times before moving onto the next! Break in between sets but not in between exercises. GOOD LUCK!

Exercise Reps Beginner Advanced
Warm up Run   5 mins 10 minutes
Squat Jumps 30seconds 60 seconds
Push up 30 seconds 60 seconds
Plank walk 1 min 2 mins
Switch Lunges 30 Seconds 60 Seconds
Tricep Dips on Bench 30 Seconds 60 Seconds
Reverse Crunch w/ toes on towel 60 Seconds 90 Seconds
Burpess 30 seconds 60 seconds
Dive Bombers 30 seconds 60 Seconds
Plank up & Down 60 Seconds 90 seconds
Plank Jacks 30 seconds 60 seconds
Tricep Push up 30 seconds 60 Seconds
Plank 60 seconds 90 seconds
Cool Down run/ Stretch 5 minutes 10 minutes


Off to train!

Please enjoy a few pics from my weekend!




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