I see you baby shakin that thang

Here was my workout yesterday:

awkward black socks. I see you

awkward black socks. I see you

Deadlift –it may have been a little overkill but I was on a roll and determined for 150

10 @ 115, 8 @ 125, 5 @ 135, 5@135, 3@145, 3@145, 1@150, 1@150

Bench Press


Tricep Dips

Chin ups

2 mile run

I have to admit that deadlifting 150lbs felt AH-MAZING. I may or may not have concluded my lift with a little “YEAH” out loud for all to hear. There is a good chance that I am that person in the gym that you may stare at for all the wrong reasons..aka when I lift heavy I recently learned that I occasionally grunt unintentionally and if you have ever heard me laugh then you can just imagine how this may sound. If I am not lifting heavy you can better believe that during a cardio sesh I have let out hoots-n-hollers during a fantastic run with head bobbing to some beat and arms in the air…you would think I had just finished the NYC marathon. I also have no shame in pretending the gym is a nightclub and occasionally shake my hips from side to side with some new music most likely not to the beat AT ALL. So yes things can get weird for me during my workout and I catch those mirror stares every once in awhile. You know those ones like when you are trying to look at someone in the mirror and then catch them looking at you in the mirror. OOOPPS! AWK! Screw the Haters! Bring on the stares because they haven’t stopped me yet and ain’t about to do so now. Haters gonna hate, gruntas gotta grunt.

After my sweaty run I enjoyed a protein shake with my favorite protein powder (Vega Sport Chocolate)

FullSizeRender (25)


Almond Milk

½ Frozen Banana

1 Cup Frozen Strawberries

¼ Cup Greek Yogurt

1 Scoop Protein

If you are doing this workout alone- without them mirror stares – then make sure to embrace it even more. If busting out a few dance moves between sets is your thing then do it. Or if you like to grunt alone in your home …then do that too…I just wouldn’t admit to that to anyone because simply writing that made me uncomfortable. Legit just laughed out loud. HAHA

Exercise Reps Beginner Advanced
Warm up Run   5 mins 10 minutes
Squat Thrusters 25 Light weight Heavy weight
Push up 10 On Knees Regular
Curtsey Lunges 15 Each Leg Light weight Heavy weight
Push up 10 Knees Regular
Step ups w. Press Overhead 10 Each leg Light weight Heavy Weight
Push up 10 Knees Regular
DB Deadlift 15 Light Weight Heavy Weight
Push up 10 Knees Regular
Wall Sit 30 seconds 60 seconds
Push up 10 Knees Regular
Glute Bridges Single Leg 20 Each Leg
Push up 10 Knees Regular
Cool Down run 5 minutes 10 minutes

Here is killer leg workout. When you warm up with the run choose a pace that you are comfortable sustaining for 30 minutes. Make sure you finish three rounds of each superset before moving onto the next exercise. For example you will do the squat thrusters and push ups 3x before moving onto the next set. Use the push ups as an active rest and try not to rest much more after completing them before beginning your next set. When you cool down choose a pace that is a little bit slower then when you started at. You can always go for a run or walk outdoors to warm up and cool down also!

If you aren’t feeling that burn after the fact then you didn’t use enough weight! Remember to choose a challenging enough weight for the reps you are completing. You do not want to be finishing the reps and being able to do 5-10 more. If you are then pick up more weight 😉

As always do not be shy to ask questions on any exercise if you are confused or worried you may be doing it wrong! I am here to help and want to see you succeed!


Post dinner treat

Now Go Kick Booty!



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