Happy Monday!

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Happy Birthday Michael!

Happy Birthday Michael!


First Yankee Game

First Yankee Game

My weekend was a little bonkers but as always a blast! I must say that my major food group this past week was mimosas and bloody mary’s but at least I got a little vitamin C right? No need to dwell though today is a new day/new week/new start. However you need to look at it just look forward because it’s not use trying to change the past!

Here is the second workout in the June series! Next one this week will be coming to ya hot Wednesday evening!

Exercise Reps Beginner Advanced
Plie squats 12
Mountain Climbers 30 seconds 1 minute
Standing Overhead Press 12
Floor Jacks 30 seconds 1 minute
Walking Lunges 12 each leg (24 total)
High Knees 30 seconds 1 minute
Push ups 10 (try for as many regular ones before on knees)
Burpees 30 seconds

(take it as slow as needed & no push up)

1 minute

Make sure to add the push up too πŸ˜‰

Triceps Dips on a bench 12
Plank 1 minute 90 seconds

Repeat the workout 3 times for beginner and 4 times for advanced. No rest in between sets until the end of the workout, but as always if you need it take it! Any questions please ask! Make sure to stretch after!



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