Happy June Everyone! I absolutely love the month of June. The weather is getting warmer, classes would be over, after work happy hour out doors, Father’s day, & a certain awesome someones B-day (cough cough ..mine 😉 Oh and that May challenge is OVA! I hope everyone celebrated the kick ass job they did during May. I am so proud of everyone who participated and I hope you enjoyed the challenge and realized a few things about yourself!

But May is over and June is here, HALLA (happy dance ensues)! This is what I am thinking for the fun month … every week I will post two workouts to complete along with your own personal workouts on other days. There will be a beginner and advanced workout for each because everyone will be starting at different levels. Since summer is still right around the corner each will focus on exercises to sculpt your best summer bod. Can you say VA VA VOOM!

Game Plan:

  1. The workouts will be at-home friendly
  2. You will need 2-3 sets of weights/ kettle bells whichever you prefer. Make sure you choose weights that are challenging enough. For beginnings I would recommend a set of 5lb, 10lb, and 15-20lb dumbbells depending on your current strength. For the advanced think 10lb, 20lb, & 25lb-30lbs.
  3. Since everyone will be using different weights I won’t list the weights but remember to make sure they are challenging enough. If you are doing 12 reps it should become challenging at rep 9-10. When you complete the 12 reps you should not be able to do another 5 reps. If you are, especially if this is your third set, then you need to ad weight! I promise you won’t “GET BIG” – females do not have enough testosterone!
  4. Complete each 3 rounds of the superset before going onto the next two exercises.
  5. Try not to rest more than 1 minute between exercises especially the two exercises you are super-setting. However, if you need more rest when you first start out that is totally fine and you should take it!
  6. Play your favorite workout playlist & Have fun!

Week 1:



  1. Squat thrusters 3×12

Floor Press (also known as a chest press without the bench) 3×12

  1. Forward Lunges (each leg) 3×12

Kneeling bent over row 3×12

  1. Glute Bridges 3×12

Front raises 3×12

  1. Metabolic Circuit

20 squats

15 push ups

1 min Jumping Jacks

1 min plank

Rest 30seconds repeat 3x



  1. Squat thrusters to a renegade row 3×12

         Floor Press with legs in the air 3×12

  1. Forward Lunges w/ weight (each leg) 3×12

        Kneeling bent over row w/ triceps kick back 3×12

  1. Glute Bridges Single Leg (each Leg) 3×12

        Front raises & Lateral raises 3×12

  1. Metabolic Circuit

   20 jump squats

   20 push ups

   1 min Floor Jacks

   30 second plank w/ right leg in air

   30 second plank w/ left leg in air

Rest 30seconds repeat 3x


Any questions please do not hesitate to ask! Good Luck everyone!


Disclaimer: Please make sure you consult your doctor before attempting any of these exercises. If you are recently injured or working with an injury feel free to email me and I can send you modifications where they are needed!


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