I Pick Things Up & Put Them Down

Music can play a serious role in my emotions and memories! Certain songs can bring me out of a funk or bring me right back down memory lane to college, parties, relationships, or the moment you first heard that song. If I am ever feeling a wee bit low I usually play any song that is on my workout playlist or a recent race I completed. The songs were added to the playlist to PUMP ME UP and they do just that! And who doesn’t love to dance around in the summer months. The sun, short-shorts, bikinis, and cold brews ya gotta have good vibes to groove to even if it is in your apartment. Alone. In your diddies. Before your roomie gets home 😉

Here are some of my favorite songs I like to dance in front of my mirror to right now:

  1. Meghan Trainor – “Dear Future Husband” (maybe cause he finally put a ring on it)
  2. Andy Grammer – “Honey, I’m Good.”
  3. Grace Potter – “Look What We’ve Become”
  4. Jess Glynne – “Hold My Hand”
  5. Galantis – “Peanut Butter Jelly”
  6. Omi—“cheerleader”
  7. Sheppard – “Geronimo”
  8. Kiesza—“Hideaway”
  9. T.Swift Ft. Kendrick Lamar – “Bad Blood” (Don’t judge)
  10. Pitbull –“Time of our lives” Or anything Pitbull. The guy knows how to pump people up!

Any other suggestions??

Enjoy the beats during your next workout! You may have noticed that Monday’s workout didn’t include a lot of weights. Well get ready for weights today baby!


this may be a little extreme but you get the picture!

this may be a little extreme but you get the picture!

Exercise Reps Beginner Advanced
Warm up 5 min. Dynamic/ Exercises foam roll Dynamic/ Exercises foam roll
Squats 12 10lbs 20lbs or more
Walking lunges 12 Each leg 24 steps total 10lbs each hand 15-20lbs each hand
Bent over row 12 each side 15lbs 20lbs or more
Reverse Flys 12 8-10lbs 10-15lbs
Curtsey Lunges 12 each leg 10lbs each hand 20lbs each hand
Split squat 12 each leg 10lbs each hand 20lbs each hand
Overhead Press 12 10lbs each hand 15-20lbs each hand
Front raises & Lateral raises 12 8-10lbs each hand 10-15lbs each hand
Leg lifts 15
Side plank lifts 15 Each side
Plank 60 seconds 90 seconds
Cool Down run/ Stretch 5 minutes 10 minutes

*Make sure to complete each superset 3x before going onto the next. Play around with the weight because it is just a suggestion but make sure after rep 12 you can’t do 5-10 more reps. If you can then grab more weight because your getting buff. HALLA. And if you are a lady, by buff I do not mean that overnight you are going to have arms the size of Arnold. That’s impossible for us since we don’t produce enough testosterone. So if you want to start loosing some inches pick that weight up! Do it now!

or could it..?

or could it..?

I am going to some music thingy in the park with some girlfriends. I am a little unsure of what exactly it is but they had me at free music in Central Park, Bffs, & vino. I hope everyone else has something fun planned tonight!

Happy Go Getcha Hump on Day 😉


Munday or MONDAY

In a few years we are going to look up the definition of “Monday” in a dictionary and it will read something like this:
Noun: also know as hell
Verb: having so much to do but not wanting to do anything
Adjective: of great disgust

Monday you are a bitch sometimes… But why? Why can’t Monday be the equivalent of Ryan Gosling standing in front of you naked with a bottle of champagne in one hand and a triple fudge cheesecake dessert (or insert most desired dessert) in the other.



Does it it have to do with the fact that the weekend of your dreams has come to an end and that huge project that has been looming over your head since last Monday is now due? Well who’s fault was that? Since Monday’s have gotten such a bad rep over the years I have tried to look at them as a way to kick start the week into high gear and tie up any of those last minute “to-dos” that are still on that endless list. Everything aside it is all about your attitude that makes Monday a Munday or a MONDAY!

Here are a few ways to make it a MONDAY!!

  1. Do any meal prep for the week on Sunday night or if you are an early riser Monday morning. It will be one less thing you will have to worry about in case your day gets slammed and you happen to land a hot date that night!
  2. Get a good sweat in! I always feel my best on a Monday when I go to the gym first thing in the morning even if it is super early I always feel better!
  3. Plan a hot date or something to look forward to! Knowing that when you get out of work you are meeting some friends for HH or cuddling up to your boo will make dealing with the nuances of the day seem less nauncey.
  4. Hydrate! I know I can’t say this enough but the summer temps are upon us and if you keep your body healthy during the week. Those sleepless weekends will be much more easier to recover from!

Here is a fun workout for you to enjoy today! All Body Weight! Set your timers with the designated seconds per round. Do each round three times before moving onto the next! Break in between sets but not in between exercises. GOOD LUCK!

Exercise Reps Beginner Advanced
Warm up Run   5 mins 10 minutes
Squat Jumps 30seconds 60 seconds
Push up 30 seconds 60 seconds
Plank walk 1 min 2 mins
Switch Lunges 30 Seconds 60 Seconds
Tricep Dips on Bench 30 Seconds 60 Seconds
Reverse Crunch w/ toes on towel 60 Seconds 90 Seconds
Burpess 30 seconds 60 seconds
Dive Bombers 30 seconds 60 Seconds
Plank up & Down 60 Seconds 90 seconds
Plank Jacks 30 seconds 60 seconds
Tricep Push up 30 seconds 60 Seconds
Plank 60 seconds 90 seconds
Cool Down run/ Stretch 5 minutes 10 minutes


Off to train!

Please enjoy a few pics from my weekend!



I see you baby shakin that thang

Here was my workout yesterday:

awkward black socks. I see you

awkward black socks. I see you

Deadlift –it may have been a little overkill but I was on a roll and determined for 150

10 @ 115, 8 @ 125, 5 @ 135, 5@135, 3@145, 3@145, 1@150, 1@150

Bench Press


Tricep Dips

Chin ups

2 mile run

I have to admit that deadlifting 150lbs felt AH-MAZING. I may or may not have concluded my lift with a little “YEAH” out loud for all to hear. There is a good chance that I am that person in the gym that you may stare at for all the wrong reasons..aka when I lift heavy I recently learned that I occasionally grunt unintentionally and if you have ever heard me laugh then you can just imagine how this may sound. If I am not lifting heavy you can better believe that during a cardio sesh I have let out hoots-n-hollers during a fantastic run with head bobbing to some beat and arms in the air…you would think I had just finished the NYC marathon. I also have no shame in pretending the gym is a nightclub and occasionally shake my hips from side to side with some new music most likely not to the beat AT ALL. So yes things can get weird for me during my workout and I catch those mirror stares every once in awhile. You know those ones like when you are trying to look at someone in the mirror and then catch them looking at you in the mirror. OOOPPS! AWK! Screw the Haters! Bring on the stares because they haven’t stopped me yet and ain’t about to do so now. Haters gonna hate, gruntas gotta grunt.

After my sweaty run I enjoyed a protein shake with my favorite protein powder (Vega Sport Chocolate)

FullSizeRender (25)


Almond Milk

½ Frozen Banana

1 Cup Frozen Strawberries

¼ Cup Greek Yogurt

1 Scoop Protein

If you are doing this workout alone- without them mirror stares – then make sure to embrace it even more. If busting out a few dance moves between sets is your thing then do it. Or if you like to grunt alone in your home …then do that too…I just wouldn’t admit to that to anyone because simply writing that made me uncomfortable. Legit just laughed out loud. HAHA

Exercise Reps Beginner Advanced
Warm up Run   5 mins 10 minutes
Squat Thrusters 25 Light weight Heavy weight
Push up 10 On Knees Regular
Curtsey Lunges 15 Each Leg Light weight Heavy weight
Push up 10 Knees Regular
Step ups w. Press Overhead 10 Each leg Light weight Heavy Weight
Push up 10 Knees Regular
DB Deadlift 15 Light Weight Heavy Weight
Push up 10 Knees Regular
Wall Sit 30 seconds 60 seconds
Push up 10 Knees Regular
Glute Bridges Single Leg 20 Each Leg
Push up 10 Knees Regular
Cool Down run 5 minutes 10 minutes

Here is killer leg workout. When you warm up with the run choose a pace that you are comfortable sustaining for 30 minutes. Make sure you finish three rounds of each superset before moving onto the next exercise. For example you will do the squat thrusters and push ups 3x before moving onto the next set. Use the push ups as an active rest and try not to rest much more after completing them before beginning your next set. When you cool down choose a pace that is a little bit slower then when you started at. You can always go for a run or walk outdoors to warm up and cool down also!

If you aren’t feeling that burn after the fact then you didn’t use enough weight! Remember to choose a challenging enough weight for the reps you are completing. You do not want to be finishing the reps and being able to do 5-10 more. If you are then pick up more weight 😉

As always do not be shy to ask questions on any exercise if you are confused or worried you may be doing it wrong! I am here to help and want to see you succeed!


Post dinner treat

Now Go Kick Booty!


Happy Monday!

FullSizeRender (22) FullSizeRender (23) IMG_6202 IMG_6198FullSizeRender (24)

Happy Birthday Michael!

Happy Birthday Michael!


First Yankee Game

First Yankee Game

My weekend was a little bonkers but as always a blast! I must say that my major food group this past week was mimosas and bloody mary’s but at least I got a little vitamin C right? No need to dwell though today is a new day/new week/new start. However you need to look at it just look forward because it’s not use trying to change the past!

Here is the second workout in the June series! Next one this week will be coming to ya hot Wednesday evening!

Exercise Reps Beginner Advanced
Plie squats 12
Mountain Climbers 30 seconds 1 minute
Standing Overhead Press 12
Floor Jacks 30 seconds 1 minute
Walking Lunges 12 each leg (24 total)
High Knees 30 seconds 1 minute
Push ups 10 (try for as many regular ones before on knees)
Burpees 30 seconds

(take it as slow as needed & no push up)

1 minute

Make sure to add the push up too 😉

Triceps Dips on a bench 12
Plank 1 minute 90 seconds

Repeat the workout 3 times for beginner and 4 times for advanced. No rest in between sets until the end of the workout, but as always if you need it take it! Any questions please ask! Make sure to stretch after!



Happy June Everyone! I absolutely love the month of June. The weather is getting warmer, classes would be over, after work happy hour out doors, Father’s day, & a certain awesome someones B-day (cough cough ..mine 😉 Oh and that May challenge is OVA! I hope everyone celebrated the kick ass job they did during May. I am so proud of everyone who participated and I hope you enjoyed the challenge and realized a few things about yourself!

But May is over and June is here, HALLA (happy dance ensues)! This is what I am thinking for the fun month … every week I will post two workouts to complete along with your own personal workouts on other days. There will be a beginner and advanced workout for each because everyone will be starting at different levels. Since summer is still right around the corner each will focus on exercises to sculpt your best summer bod. Can you say VA VA VOOM!

Game Plan:

  1. The workouts will be at-home friendly
  2. You will need 2-3 sets of weights/ kettle bells whichever you prefer. Make sure you choose weights that are challenging enough. For beginnings I would recommend a set of 5lb, 10lb, and 15-20lb dumbbells depending on your current strength. For the advanced think 10lb, 20lb, & 25lb-30lbs.
  3. Since everyone will be using different weights I won’t list the weights but remember to make sure they are challenging enough. If you are doing 12 reps it should become challenging at rep 9-10. When you complete the 12 reps you should not be able to do another 5 reps. If you are, especially if this is your third set, then you need to ad weight! I promise you won’t “GET BIG” – females do not have enough testosterone!
  4. Complete each 3 rounds of the superset before going onto the next two exercises.
  5. Try not to rest more than 1 minute between exercises especially the two exercises you are super-setting. However, if you need more rest when you first start out that is totally fine and you should take it!
  6. Play your favorite workout playlist & Have fun!

Week 1:



  1. Squat thrusters 3×12

Floor Press (also known as a chest press without the bench) 3×12

  1. Forward Lunges (each leg) 3×12

Kneeling bent over row 3×12

  1. Glute Bridges 3×12

Front raises 3×12

  1. Metabolic Circuit

20 squats

15 push ups

1 min Jumping Jacks

1 min plank

Rest 30seconds repeat 3x



  1. Squat thrusters to a renegade row 3×12

         Floor Press with legs in the air 3×12

  1. Forward Lunges w/ weight (each leg) 3×12

        Kneeling bent over row w/ triceps kick back 3×12

  1. Glute Bridges Single Leg (each Leg) 3×12

        Front raises & Lateral raises 3×12

  1. Metabolic Circuit

   20 jump squats

   20 push ups

   1 min Floor Jacks

   30 second plank w/ right leg in air

   30 second plank w/ left leg in air

Rest 30seconds repeat 3x


Any questions please do not hesitate to ask! Good Luck everyone!


Disclaimer: Please make sure you consult your doctor before attempting any of these exercises. If you are recently injured or working with an injury feel free to email me and I can send you modifications where they are needed!