Week 4 Push-up & Plank Challenge!

Confession…I did not do the challenge Sunday and Monday of this past week. Enter in shamed puppy dog face and all the excuses possible. Unfortunately, I don’t have an excuse that justifies not taking 15 minutes out of my day to complete MY OWN CHALLENGE (repeat shame face). Even with the amount of travel that I did this weekend there really isn’t a reason why I couldn’t have completed it. I debated with myself whether or not I was going to confess but I figure we are all human and get lazy sometimes. Better to own up and be honest to all my dedicated followers then to pretend I am something I’m not!

So with that being said, if there have been days that you have missed this month here and there don’t beat yourself up about it. More importantly look at how far you have come as we enter week 4! If you have held any sort of consistency throughout this challenge then you have 100% noticed a difference and maybe now you are able to finally hold a plank for a minute or do 3 regular push-ups. Whatever it may be for you do not stop there! If you were like myself this Memorial Day weekend then you may be late to the game in starting week 4, no worries just extend as need be. I will be extending my week till June 1st and starting a new challenge/program (more exciting details to come).

I started week 4 of the advanced challenge yesterday, which meant I complete three rounds of 40 push-ups and 2minute planks. HOLY GAUCAMOLE MAN! No holds bar…I was absolutely dreading it and I kept doing the math in my head…120-push ups YIKES! After some pacing around the apartment, cleaning, opening & closing the fridge a million times I set my procrastinating aside and got to work taking some of my own advice!

The first set of push ups I dropped to my knees at around 20 but since I wanted to do as many regular push ups as possible I completed 10 on my knees and gave myself a little 30 second break before attempting the next 10. The first plank was a piece of cake…having a magazine or electronic device in front of you to check pintrest or insta can really make the time fly! The second set I set up so I would complete 10 push ups, break for 45 seconds and complete the next set. By the end of my final 2 minute plank I was shaking and making grunting noises that would make doing this in public extremely awkward for everyone. Today the challenge went more smoothly since I allowed myself a break in between the push-ups and had a new wedding magazine on hand 😉

Advice for Week 4 of the Challenge:

  1. Break up the push-ups into sets or 5-10 and allow some time in between to keep the correct form so you are reaping the benefits. What’s the point in half assing it?
  2. If the planking part is more of a challenge for you give yourself a break between exercises before you jump right into your plank and vice versa.
  3. Use any means of distraction to help pass the time while your planking – loud music, magazines, social media, your dog licking your face, whatever works!!

Keep it up gang we are almost there!



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