Week 3 May Challenge & Birthday Celebrations!

Happy Monday! Its not just any Monday it is also this girls Birthday! She turns 22 today and I can’t wait to celebrate with her tomorrow when she comes home! She has been like a sister to me for years but soon she officially will!



And my future mother-in-laws Birthday is tomorrow! I am so lucky to have these two in my life! Bring on the Celebrations!!!


It’s officially the start of week 3 for most of you. How did everyone do with week 2? Did you find that it got easier as the week went on? I found that the planks got easier as the week went on but the push ups were still rather challenging if I didn’t take much of a break between the sets. I was however able to mix in a few different style of push ups as the week went on with the sets. Since the diamond push ups were in no way easier then the regular push ups…that may have played a role in my exhaustion and muscle fatigue.

Tips for Week 3

  1. If you have been doing the challenge at the beginning of your workout try doing it at the end.
  2. Try really hard to go all the way down on each push up
  3. During both the plank and the push up be mindful of your neck if you have a tendency to tuck it under and watch your feet. This will help with your form and breathing!
  4. If you always start with the pushups first start with the plank and vice versa.

Yesterday was supposed to be my off day but since it was soooo gorgeous out I couldn’t resist a good run from Queens to the west side!


Todays workout will consist of:

Squat 5×5 105lbs
Pull ups (with a band) 5×10

Bench press 4×8 70lbs
Tricep dips with 45lb plate 4×10
Walking DB lunges 4×20 20lbs

Standing over head press 55 5×5

Calf Raises 5×25

Single leg squat machine 3×10

Over head press 15lb 4×10
Glute Bridges 85lb 4×10

Front raises 12.5 4×10
Leg raises 4×15

Ending with a metabolic circuit, the May Challenge, and some ab work!

Get up & Kick Ass!


Put you GRRRRR Face on!



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