May Challenge Week 2

Before we get started Happy Belated Mothers Day You guys kick ass! I hope everyone enjoyed a fun filled weekend! Here are a few pics from my laughing so hard my abs hurt kinda weekend with the family πŸ˜‰

lil sis

lil sis

picture we gifted to my parents for their anniversary for two weekends before.

picture we gifted to my parents for their anniversary from two weekends before.

View from my parents home!

View from my parents home!

realizing I had almost forgotten my own challenge because I traveled all day!

realizing I had almost forgotten my own challenge because I traveled all day!

AND A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DAD! Looks like I may be able to beat you in a push up challenge finally!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Now to the nitty gritty….Depending on when you started the challenge most of you should have started week 2 already. I started week 2 on Monday. Monday went well. Tuesday I fought the need to constantly look at my stopwatch for fear of not making it. Oh and I had to remind myself to breath… Kinda sorta important. Today I fell on my face during the second set of 20 push ups. If you fall on your face because you have fully fatigued your muscles no one can say you weren’t trying. Today I tried wicked hard…twice.

Whether you are doing the beginners or advanced challenge it should not be easy! Some of you may have found week 1 to be substantially different to week 2. If you are still struggling do not give up! It will get easier just give yourself a little longer of a break between sets! YOU CAN DO THIS!

For myself I found the first week got easier as the week went on. Unfortunatly I can’t say the same for week 2 yet. For many people there is a substantial difference between 10 & 20 push ups. On sets 2 & 3 it’s around rep 12-14 that I find myself struggling notΒ to pause and reset..hence the face plant. Face plant or not I won’t give up!

Here are my workouts so far for the week:


3.5 mile run in the woods of NH

Squat 5×5 95lbs
Pull ups (with a band) 5×10

Bench press 4×8 70lbs
Tricep dips with 45lb plate 4×10
Walking DB lunges 4×20 20lbs

Over head press 15lb 4×10
Bicep curl 30lb 4×10
Leg raises 4×15

Ended with 30 more pull ups with the band & the challenge

1 mile warm up run

Deadlift 120lbs 5×5

Pull ups (with band) 5×10

Landmine row 25lb 5×8

Hamstring curls 70lbs 4×8

Pull ups (with band) 4×10

Hanging leg raises

Ended with the challenge



dat back doe

dat back doe


3 miles of sprints on the treadmill

pull ups with the band 8×10 (did this spread out through the day)

Ab exercises & ended with the challenge.

Today I spent a lot more time foam rolling and stretching because I was super tight from the past two days and have box squats on the menu tomorrow.

As you continue the challenge keep a few tips in mind:
1. During your plank make sure to engage your core so that your belly button stays up and in. If you start to feel ANY lower back pain raise your hips slightly.

2. It’s okay to do the push ups on your knees but attempt regular ones each set if you are able to complete 1 or 2 reps.

3. If regular push ups are too easy for you play around with different variations such as diamond push ups and around the world!


5. If it ever gets to hard to hold the plank my best advice would be to take pictures of yourself with your iphone. I promise it makes it a lot easier…..see exhibit A & B.

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit B

Happy Hump Day xoxox


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