Those Hard Workouts

Even though I work some weekends I always “TGIF” like the rest of the world! I usually structure my weekly workouts so Sunday is my rest day and either Wednesday or Thursday is my easier day. That leaves Friday and Saturday workouts to really kick butt at. When I say kick butt I actually mean I struggle …. really struggle to complete my workout. Last Friday in particular I definitely kicked butt.

Friday’s Workout:

Deadlift (100lbs) 12

Chin ups 10

Push up 15

Pike 15

Run 3 Flights of Stairs 5x

Rest 1 minute.

Repeat everything 4 Times.

I WAS DESTROYED. Before the summer I was running stairs pretty regularly but hadn’t done any in awhile so I knew it wasn’t going to be easy to begin with. But I think I underestimated exactly how long it had been…I was a huffin and puffin!

I’ll give you a hint….if you despise doing something at the gym, usually because it is challenging for you, you should be doing it! Those stairs were NHAT easy but they are already scheduled for my workout this Friday!

My Saturday consisted of a long 6mile run (indoors, EWWW, unfortunately because of the rain)….I was recently asked by one of my clients if my face ever gets red when I workout. I honestly hadn’t really ever thought about it so I assumed it was a no. I was wrong however when I hoped off the treadmill after my 6 miles…


In case you want to try out my workout on Friday but, want to start a little slower try this one!

Kettle Bell Deadlift 16kg 12

Assisted Chin ups Machine 10

Push up (knees or bench) 10

Crunches 20

Run 1 flight of stairs 5x or use the stair master for 3-5mins.

I’m off to train! Happy Thursday all!



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