Happy Birthday Hbop & Nike Review


A very special happy birthday to my lil sis! Thanks for being the best lil sis and always putting up with my tender loving care over the years 😉 xo






Nike Review

I despise being cold. I try to avoid it at all costs. Kevin knows I hate it so much that he will often tell me to dress warmer when we are going out. Probably because he cares so much about my comfort and not because he doesn’t want to hear me bitch and moan right…? As you can see this can create quite the problem for my runs in weather under 35 degrees (yes I am a BABBY). Over the years I have figured out what works for me at most temps and roughly how many layers I need. Usually I would wear one pair of underarmour warm gear running tights and another underarmour warm gear sweats over them. Mind you when I don’t wear the black sweats over my nude running tights you can assume I get a lot of looks. The nude color was on sale and at the time. I’m all about a bargain. To me it is all about comfort…I don’t care what I look like as I am galloping through the Burroughs, considering I’ve been told I have a unique run. Unique is usually a nice word for awkward. Therefore I look like an awkward naked person running around town. Your welcome for that visual 😉

Who let me wear these?

Who let me wear these?

get the picture?

get the picture?

Unfortunately it is time to hang up those head turning tights and go with a new pair!

The Nike Pro Hyperwarm Embossed training tights with a brushed interior (do not pay the Amazon price!) are THE tights! They basically feel like a light fleece lining on the inside. I have had the chance of trying them out in 25 degrees and they did their magic! I was very comfortable on my lower half during a 5 mile run. They are also perfect for traveling to and from the gym on cold mornings if you feel like those oversized sweats with the random stains have started hindering the potential dates from the gym.

I have the ones above but Nike currently has the same style in a red and blue. I highly recommend any warm weather gear to be lined with a “soft brushed interior for a cozy feel” as Nike puts it. I think it really makes all the difference and can’t express enough how warm they have kept me! As for sizing I usually wear a size 2/4 and am 5’7 but I went with medium for length and….bunching…if you know what I mean?? Please feel free to email me directly with any questions you have about them!

I am off to run 6 miles!

HAPPY SATURDAY & GIRLS WEEKEND (the fiancé is with the boys MHUAHAHAHA)


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