Music during your workout yay or nay??

Towards the end of last week I was informed that there was an FDNY v. NYPD 5 mile run in Central Park on Saturday morning. Honestly my fiancé (Oh snap I get to call him this now!) and I had a very busy weekend ahead of us and I knew Saturday morning wasn’t going to be 50 and sunny out. Shamefully…I was a little hesitant at first to do it because I absolutely hate the cold. I know I am a B-A-B-B-Y (as my dad would say…it always sounded better then spelling it correctly). But, then I thought about all the firemen and officers who have to risk their lives day in and day out and I basically told myself to grow a pair.

To top it all off I also knew some of my girlfriends would be participating in it, which made it sound even more enticing! This would be a great opportunity to get back on track with last weeks disruption of scheduled weekend workouts. These are all things that got me up and at em on a chilly Saturday morning when I was already lacking many nights sleep. WARNING TMI>>>>>>>>>>>Getting engaged prevents sleep in more ways than one 😉

The run was a little over 5 miles and was AWESOME. I am not sure if it was my new playlist or just being outdoors in central park again knowing praying that spring was right around the corner. Oh and I am still on cloud nine ❤ <3. How much does music motivate you and play with your emotions? I mean if someone puts Nelly on then I am right back in the halls of my old high school with the pungent smell of excess Abercrombie and short-lived relationships. And if I hear Taking Back Sunday or Fall Out Boy you can bet yourself I am locked in my bedroom slouched over my bed being as emo and dramatic as possible!

However, when it comes to my workouts and runs I need to be in full on party mode. Here are a few of the songs I jammed out to during my run:

Uptown funk – Mark Ronson

Fireball – Pitbull

Time of our lives – Pitbull

Anaconda – Nicki Minaj

Blank Space – T. Swift

Hideaway – Kiesza

Geronimo – Sheppard

Old Thing Back – Matoma & Notorious B.I.G Feat. Ja Rule

Grown Woman – Beyonce’

Truffle butter – Nicki Minaj

Parental Advisory Warning to 99% of these songs. Please do not play during your kids warm up lacrosse games!

Needless to say I ran with a smile on my face the whole time and may or may not have cheered on other runners. Yeah I am that girl. If you don’t believe me then we should probably workout together or take a fitness class together. I get all silly and giggly and all YEAH! You Go Girl! I look like a straight up weirdo. Negative sexy factor. Thank goodness I am engaged 😉





I hope everyone got their halla on and was able to get in a sweat or two this past weekend.

And maybe a little fun too

And maybe a little fun too!

This week has been much more organized than last week but still just as busy! Thankfully my workouts have been on point!


AM: 4 mile run – .5 warm up / 3 mile interval sprints / .5 mile cool down

PM: Squats worked on form and getting low low low 4×12 @ 65lbs


Upper body – Back & Triceps. Many pull up variations (currently sooo sore) & ended with a 9 minute TRX ab circuit.


AM: – Back Squats 4×8 @ 80lbs (continued the extra low theme)

– Deadlift 4×8 @ 115 super set with Over Head Squats @ 40lbs.

PM: 3mile hill run..prepping for my trail run in May!


Upper body- Chest and Shoulders

TRX Ab and push up circuit




P.S. Kevin and I are currently swimming in rainbow jimmies and enjoying our congratulatory notes and drawings from the DiPasquale Family!!


Oh What up Bruce!



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