Food For Thought

A few days ago a client of mine asked “how she can have a social life and still get a slammin bod for her wedding!?” She was obviously hoping for some secret advice people in the fitness industry use. She told me that she has been turning down invites recently because she doesn’t want to drink à late night eat à skip the gym the next day à continue eating junk. I get it. Been there, done that and still do it.

Today, whenever something needs to be figured it out we “google it.” We get instant gratification and problems solved because the information is at our fingertips. If you google “how to get in shape” or “how to become healthier” and look past the new fad diet/pill the FDA has yet to approve, you notice that all solutions are based on healthy life-style changes. So, I am sure she was disappointed when I told her there was no best-kept secret or trick to solve her dilemma. Self control and discipline is what your left with.

Over time old habits die hard. Some quick and easy tips to change bad habits that I gave her:

– get a really good work out in the day you have an event to go to

– every other beverage drink a seltzer with cran

– eat a balanced meal before going out

– pace yourself so that you don’t lose all will power to resist those late night cravings

– Most importantly I told her to go to the gym the next day! Yes you may be struggling but if you have followed my tips on dealing with a hangover then even getting a simple sweat in will help. It won’t counter everything that you did the night before but it will help prevent the day after junk eating and two day hangovers. Exercising makes you feel better and many crave healthier foods when they have worked out because they want to continue the trend! Everything takes work it just depends how much work we want to put into it.

Just some fun things to think about 😉

Here is my workout for today:


  1. Squat (low) 90lbs 4×10 & Chin ups 4×5
  2. Walking Lunges 2DB 17.5lbs 4×10 & Bench Press 65lbs 4×10
  3. Deadlift 110lb 4×10 & Reverse Flys 10lbs 2DB 4×10

Completed my workout at home…..


20 Push ups

20 Tricep Dips

20 Crab Crunches

20 leg lifts

20 toe touches

Repeat 4x

Now I am off to Train and make it through the rest of the week. Since I am going to Punta Cana, DR on Friday for vacation with my man I am working out extra hard this week. He doesn’t know it yet but we will definitely be getting a sweat in each day of vaca to work off all those pina coladas!




Those Hard Workouts

Even though I work some weekends I always “TGIF” like the rest of the world! I usually structure my weekly workouts so Sunday is my rest day and either Wednesday or Thursday is my easier day. That leaves Friday and Saturday workouts to really kick butt at. When I say kick butt I actually mean I struggle …. really struggle to complete my workout. Last Friday in particular I definitely kicked butt.

Friday’s Workout:

Deadlift (100lbs) 12

Chin ups 10

Push up 15

Pike 15

Run 3 Flights of Stairs 5x

Rest 1 minute.

Repeat everything 4 Times.

I WAS DESTROYED. Before the summer I was running stairs pretty regularly but hadn’t done any in awhile so I knew it wasn’t going to be easy to begin with. But I think I underestimated exactly how long it had been…I was a huffin and puffin!

I’ll give you a hint….if you despise doing something at the gym, usually because it is challenging for you, you should be doing it! Those stairs were NHAT easy but they are already scheduled for my workout this Friday!

My Saturday consisted of a long 6mile run (indoors, EWWW, unfortunately because of the rain)….I was recently asked by one of my clients if my face ever gets red when I workout. I honestly hadn’t really ever thought about it so I assumed it was a no. I was wrong however when I hoped off the treadmill after my 6 miles…


In case you want to try out my workout on Friday but, want to start a little slower try this one!

Kettle Bell Deadlift 16kg 12

Assisted Chin ups Machine 10

Push up (knees or bench) 10

Crunches 20

Run 1 flight of stairs 5x or use the stair master for 3-5mins.

I’m off to train! Happy Thursday all!


Happy Birthday Hbop & Nike Review


A very special happy birthday to my lil sis! Thanks for being the best lil sis and always putting up with my tender loving care over the years 😉 xo






Nike Review

I despise being cold. I try to avoid it at all costs. Kevin knows I hate it so much that he will often tell me to dress warmer when we are going out. Probably because he cares so much about my comfort and not because he doesn’t want to hear me bitch and moan right…? As you can see this can create quite the problem for my runs in weather under 35 degrees (yes I am a BABBY). Over the years I have figured out what works for me at most temps and roughly how many layers I need. Usually I would wear one pair of underarmour warm gear running tights and another underarmour warm gear sweats over them. Mind you when I don’t wear the black sweats over my nude running tights you can assume I get a lot of looks. The nude color was on sale and at the time. I’m all about a bargain. To me it is all about comfort…I don’t care what I look like as I am galloping through the Burroughs, considering I’ve been told I have a unique run. Unique is usually a nice word for awkward. Therefore I look like an awkward naked person running around town. Your welcome for that visual 😉

Who let me wear these?

Who let me wear these?

get the picture?

get the picture?

Unfortunately it is time to hang up those head turning tights and go with a new pair!

The Nike Pro Hyperwarm Embossed training tights with a brushed interior (do not pay the Amazon price!) are THE tights! They basically feel like a light fleece lining on the inside. I have had the chance of trying them out in 25 degrees and they did their magic! I was very comfortable on my lower half during a 5 mile run. They are also perfect for traveling to and from the gym on cold mornings if you feel like those oversized sweats with the random stains have started hindering the potential dates from the gym.

I have the ones above but Nike currently has the same style in a red and blue. I highly recommend any warm weather gear to be lined with a “soft brushed interior for a cozy feel” as Nike puts it. I think it really makes all the difference and can’t express enough how warm they have kept me! As for sizing I usually wear a size 2/4 and am 5’7 but I went with medium for length and….bunching…if you know what I mean?? Please feel free to email me directly with any questions you have about them!

I am off to run 6 miles!

HAPPY SATURDAY & GIRLS WEEKEND (the fiancé is with the boys MHUAHAHAHA)

Music during your workout yay or nay??

Towards the end of last week I was informed that there was an FDNY v. NYPD 5 mile run in Central Park on Saturday morning. Honestly my fiancé (Oh snap I get to call him this now!) and I had a very busy weekend ahead of us and I knew Saturday morning wasn’t going to be 50 and sunny out. Shamefully…I was a little hesitant at first to do it because I absolutely hate the cold. I know I am a B-A-B-B-Y (as my dad would say…it always sounded better then spelling it correctly). But, then I thought about all the firemen and officers who have to risk their lives day in and day out and I basically told myself to grow a pair.

To top it all off I also knew some of my girlfriends would be participating in it, which made it sound even more enticing! This would be a great opportunity to get back on track with last weeks disruption of scheduled weekend workouts. These are all things that got me up and at em on a chilly Saturday morning when I was already lacking many nights sleep. WARNING TMI>>>>>>>>>>>Getting engaged prevents sleep in more ways than one 😉

The run was a little over 5 miles and was AWESOME. I am not sure if it was my new playlist or just being outdoors in central park again knowing praying that spring was right around the corner. Oh and I am still on cloud nine ❤ <3. How much does music motivate you and play with your emotions? I mean if someone puts Nelly on then I am right back in the halls of my old high school with the pungent smell of excess Abercrombie and short-lived relationships. And if I hear Taking Back Sunday or Fall Out Boy you can bet yourself I am locked in my bedroom slouched over my bed being as emo and dramatic as possible!

However, when it comes to my workouts and runs I need to be in full on party mode. Here are a few of the songs I jammed out to during my run:

Uptown funk – Mark Ronson

Fireball – Pitbull

Time of our lives – Pitbull

Anaconda – Nicki Minaj

Blank Space – T. Swift

Hideaway – Kiesza

Geronimo – Sheppard

Old Thing Back – Matoma & Notorious B.I.G Feat. Ja Rule

Grown Woman – Beyonce’

Truffle butter – Nicki Minaj

Parental Advisory Warning to 99% of these songs. Please do not play during your kids warm up lacrosse games!

Needless to say I ran with a smile on my face the whole time and may or may not have cheered on other runners. Yeah I am that girl. If you don’t believe me then we should probably workout together or take a fitness class together. I get all silly and giggly and all YEAH! You Go Girl! I look like a straight up weirdo. Negative sexy factor. Thank goodness I am engaged 😉





I hope everyone got their halla on and was able to get in a sweat or two this past weekend.

And maybe a little fun too

And maybe a little fun too!

This week has been much more organized than last week but still just as busy! Thankfully my workouts have been on point!


AM: 4 mile run – .5 warm up / 3 mile interval sprints / .5 mile cool down

PM: Squats worked on form and getting low low low 4×12 @ 65lbs


Upper body – Back & Triceps. Many pull up variations (currently sooo sore) & ended with a 9 minute TRX ab circuit.


AM: – Back Squats 4×8 @ 80lbs (continued the extra low theme)

– Deadlift 4×8 @ 115 super set with Over Head Squats @ 40lbs.

PM: 3mile hill run..prepping for my trail run in May!


Upper body- Chest and Shoulders

TRX Ab and push up circuit




P.S. Kevin and I are currently swimming in rainbow jimmies and enjoying our congratulatory notes and drawings from the DiPasquale Family!!


Oh What up Bruce!



After my original plans changed late Thursday evening I made the game time decision to spend the weekend in Lee, Massachusetts. It has always been a very special and fun place to visit with the Kitt’s but I still had every intention of checking a few things off the to-do list and getting in two solid workouts and yoga.






In all honesty…I drank and ate my face off over the weekend and had yet to get a full workout in. Every ounce of champagne, chips, pasta, and guac was worth it. Getting my ring resized and a legit mani became high priority DUH …But today was a new day!

Here is what I completed:

Push day: Chest & Shoulders heavy!

HIIT: Overhead Squat- 10

Push ups – 20

Box Jumps – 20

Toes to bar – 5 (working on these)

Stair runx5

Repeat 3x

Ended with a 10 minutes of abs and push up variations 🙂


I will never forget this past weekend and couldn’t be more grateful and thankful for all the people & family involved!


p.s. Full story with all the awkward deets to follow soon!


more grateful and thankful for all the people involved! p.s. Full story with all the awkward deets to follow soon! xoxo