We all get a little crazy sometimes…

My inner beast came out this week. And not like the animated Disney classic but more along the lines of holy moly I even managed to frighten my boyfriend…or so he says. But in actuality we have been dating for over four years and he has fully experienced my crazy side, Lucky guy ;)! It was one of those weeks I tell ya..you think you have a handle on everything and then BAM you are impersonating a crazed axe murderer. For those of you that haven’t stopped reading because ya know I am not really an axe murderer let me explain.

The week started off great with some solid Kitt family time on Sunday and beginning my Monday morning under the assumption this week would be on the lite-ish side. Things quickly changed. I was scheduled back to back to back and running all around the city like a mad woman! In all honesty I enjoy being busy. Being busy is a good thing for many obvious reasons, but I am also a planner. A SERIOUS PLANNER HA! Planning helps me stay organized and on schedule with work that I have to do outside of training such the emailing, phone calls, programming, etc. that needs to be done on a weekly basis. I also enjoy being busy because it keeps all the miscellaneous tasks of the week left to be done during the gaps in my schedule which of course I plan for.

To do the math …

planner + new random tasks that do not fit into the already designated/busy schedule  = BEAST MODE

Everything transpired on Wednesday evening. I had survived all that hump day throws at you until one thing set me loose. All of a sudden it was all “I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down mode.” If I were an animated cartoon there would have been fire coming from my ears! The hands were flailing while my legs were going a mile a minute as I felt like I was about to regress to my 5 year old self with a full on rolling around tantrum… Instead I only regressed till about age 16 and screamed into my pillow. Mind you the BF was home. He took this like any normal man would and poured me an extra dirty, EXTRA vodka tini on the rocks and started an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.

I promise I am only usually this crazy ALL the time. Just kidding. We of course have all gone a little off our rockers because of one thing or another at some point. Usually I deal with life’s new twists with a super hard workout or run but being that it was 8pm at night and 10 degrees outside I decided to go with the drink. The drink was a last resort at a time that felt a bit like the end of the world (going with my 16year old self again), so by no means think this is how I solve all my problems/stressful times. I am just thankful that I have someone I can do that in front of and know we will be laughing about it the next day! In case you are feeling as bold as me, I’d love to hear a time you went a little off your rocker and then had a good chuckle about it after the fact?

Aside from the mid week explosion here are my workouts:

Monday: Upper body push

Tuesday: Legs (this workouts was slightly limited because my adductors were so tight for some reason)

Wednesday: Upper body pull & run

Thursday: Squat workout

Friday: The “Murph” for time – This was a killer and I completed it in 54:31:11 with proof 🙂

1 mile run

100 pull ups (with a band)

200 push ups

300 squat jumps

1 mile run

Finish with Abs

Saturday: outside run

image7 (2) My standard Monday morning awkward photo..

image5 (2)Part of Wednesday’s battle wounds after the Doctors…

image6 (1)

image3 (2)Before “Murph”

image1 (2)Instantly after “Murph”

image2 (1)The Proof

FullSizeRender (4)30 minutes after “Murph,” Butt kicked but feeling good!

Now it is off to Lee, Massachusetts with the Kitt’s. Happy Freaking Weekend!



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