Hotel Indigo Nashville & Treadmill workout

I freaking love hotels. Even more specific, fancy hotels. For as long as I can remember I have always loved staying at hotels which I think started way back when I was a wee little tike and would stay somewhere new with my family. I can always remember after we would drop off our packs in the room my dad would take me to explore the rest of the hotel features. Basically we would check out any and every area we were allowed (and maybe a few we weren’t) to visit and determine it’s “coolness” factor, from the pool to the late night vending machines.

Basically not much has changed. The second we entered Hotel IndigoNashville I knew it deserved a solid viewing. The reception area is a mix between a swanky brunch/coffee shop you could spend your entire afternoon in during the day and a cocktail lounge at night with great live music. The staff was extremely inviting and helpful. During one morning we needed breakfast sandwiches STAT and they were able to make 10 to-go in about 15 minutes…which basically saved everyone from a quick pass out that day because it was to be a long day of beverages and site seeing/bar hoping. But back to the hotel. Besides being enamored with the entrance the rooms weren’t so bad either. HA. They were very clean and easily held four girls in each room or 8 at a time because lets be honest when were we not all together?! If we pee together on a regular basis you know we were all getting ready in the same room. We still be girls yo. The massive bathrooms helped during those times and the walk-in shower (that is as big as my current entire bathroom) was a major plus on the fancy scale. The ONLY complaint I have about the rooms was that they did not have a full-length mirror.  I do know however that my boyfriend’s did because obviously I had to check his room out as well. So I guess it is just a room specific complaint and since that’s it I will definitely stay there again!

As for the fitness facility…it was by far the best fitness center at a hotel that I have used in a long time. It was equipped with treadmill’s, elliptical’s, stationary bike’s, tv’s, cable system, dumbbells, stability balls, and yoga blocks. They certainlydid their research when they were stocking this place up and I thank them for that. It made working out on the go a lot more comfortable since most hotels barely have a fitness center with a treadmill or windows.  I completed a treadmill workout (while the rest of my party slept) of 4 miles that looked a little like this:

5 min warm up

5 min sprint

5 min hill work

5 min sprints

5 min hill work

5 min sprints

5 min hill

5 min cool down

image1 (1)

image2 (2)the struggle was real…

FullSizeRender (3)excuse the ghetto picture…it was early

After my workout I checked out the rest of the floor which consisted of standard conference/ball rooms. Who thought you could fit this much in one building in the middle of the downtown area of a city?

If you want a fun, low-key, as romantic as you want to make it evening then I would suggest their cocktail lounge; also known as “The District Bar & Kitchen.” I could have spent my weekend soley inside the hotel with all this place had to offer. The food and live music were phenomenal. It would make a great place for a staycation. Ask for Nick..he got the pleasure of taking care of us animals for most of the weekend and he was a trooper.

If you weren’t convinced from my previous post on Nashville I hope I just pushed ya over the edge. And if your still unsure don’t hesitate to ask away.

Hotel Website:


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