Super Bowl = Monday Morning Hangover.





How is everyone feeling today? I think it is safe to assume that if you are a football fan and represent either the Patriots/ WINNERS or the Seahawks/LOSERS then you are feeling a little sluggish today. Even if those aren’t you teams but you are a sports fan of any kind you are probably moving a bit slower than usual this morning! It may have had something to do with the delish appys you devoured, the multiple cocktails/beers you consumed, or the lack of sleep!

So your alarm is going off at its usual time and you are getting ready to hit the snooze button (repeat until last possible moment) and skip your morning gym session. Next you are probably going to pop an aspirin, or four, the second you hit the shower and grab that venti coffee today with a BEC (bacon, egg, and cheese on a roll) during your commute. Self-Admitted – been there done that! We have all been there at one point or another and we have all struggled with keeping our day as routine as possible; aka still getting that sweat sesh in or for some trying not to vom on the subway. No matter how hard it may be to get yourself to the gym that day. DO IT! I promise that it will make you feel better. But just because I don’t want you to vom in front of the really hot guy lifting weights make sure you follow a few tips!

  1. Drink H2O – side note: I hate water when I am hung over so I add lemons to it or drink seltzer to calm my belly. You also want to hydrate yourself for the gym!
  2. Eat Carbs! – Do not be a crazy girl and not eat the next day after drinking because you consumed too many calories and then try to work out. It will back fire and that hot guy won’t be checking you out anymore when you wear your booty shorts. Do choose healthy carbs such as oatmeal, fruits, brown rice, quinoa, etc. Try to have a small carby snack an hourish before your workout.
  3. A little caffeine goes a long way. Have a cup of coffee but remember you are already dehydrated so keep it to a minimum.
  4. Don’t forget your daily multivitamin! If you don’t take one it is time to start.
  5. Eat Eggs for breakfest. They contain cysteine; a substance that helps break down the toxins you consumed last night. So if you must go for that BEC an extra egg can’t hurt!
  6. Get a sweat in but do not make the session a hard one. It is more important that you stick to your routine and sweat it out then to try and push your limits. Save the killer workout for when you have gotten a good night sleep!
  7. Make sure to pick out your favorite workout outfit. Knowing you look better at the gym will make you feel better. It’s science duh. Confession…I wear my cutest gym clothes when I workout with my boyfriend.

So now you have no excuses not to make it to the gym when you are hung over! You can thank me later 😉

In case you missed the preview last night for the new Terminator movie you can check it out here:


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