Happy 2015!

Happy New Year everyone! I say that to basically every person I see, meet, or have any sort of interaction with and continue to do so because everyone else does to.  I am not a Debbie Downer or anything ….but I curiously wonder when do people stop using the greeting and why?Is it one of those things you say to someone the first time you see them after Jan 1st or is it because everyone really is just giddy with the new year excitement? If that’s the case then do you just say it until 2015 has pissed ya off ?! These may or may not be the things that keep me up at night. But I bet I’ll have you thinking the same…unless you don’t wish anyone a Happy New years and in that case you probably aren’t a very nice person and we shouldn’t be friends. Just in case you were wondering … yes, I am very happy another year is upon us! I have my health and happiness and want to make this year a better one than last so I hope you all do to!

Just like the New Year greeting many people excitedly start a new exercise regimen in January but slowly fizzle out. I hope in 2015 I may be able to help keep you motivated and on track. I too am excited to start a new work out plan and had an amazing session today. I set up my new training plan to include much more strength training then ever before. I am doing somewhat of split days with a cardio/ metabolic training focus. I still plan on running 3-4 days a week with my long runs on the weekend to keep my body ready for a marathon in the near future. Yikes did I say that?! Wish me luck. I am also going to be doing two days of Yoga a week to keep my body as loose as possible. My clients will tell you how adamant I am about stretching/foam rolling because it dramatically helps with the recovery time. But who wants to sit on a mat and roll a piece of foam on different parts of their body all the time? Well, I can never do enough and I find that doing yoga helps tremendously and of course is way more fun…DUH. Give it a try and see how you feel.

Good luck to everyone in the New Year and remember its not the mile it’s a marathon to becoming fit and healthy.

I’ll  keep you posted on how the workouts go and what I like or would change for next month!

Here Is my workout for today!

Total Body Circuit

Squat thrusters 15
pull ups 10
Toes to bar 5
burpees 10
plank walk push up 15
5 min run on treadmill 2% incline increase every minute @ 5.5-6mph

repeat 3-4 times and make sure to choose a challenging weight for the squat thrusters. I used a 17.5 dumbbells.

And Here are a few pics from my day!


Breakfast at home! What a treat to actually eat at home HA! (Egg white and banana scramble with pumpkin coffee 😉 )


New Christmas gear to finally try out! Love them all!

– Nike Hyper warm tights

– Champion sports bra and tank

– Nike headband which doesn’t slip at all!

Happy Hump Day All! Hope your are sipping a cocktail somewhere warm for me because it’s freezing here!


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