Adios 2014

I hope everyone had as much fun over this Christmas week as I did! My abs are still sore from all of the laughing. A big thanks to all who made it so special! Now it is time to get ready to kick start 2015!


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How do you wrap up one year and begin the next? Many times people will set unrealistic expectations for themselves as they begin another new year. Have you been absent at the gym all year and now want to go five days a week? Have you put on weight and want to loose it all in the first month? As important as it is to have goals it is also important to have realistic, timely, and manageable goals.

I will be the first to admit that during my Christmas week those three runs that I got in did not counter my sister’s famous cookies or the ever-flowing wine. As much as it is important for you and your sanity, and probably the sanity of those around you to enjoy the holiday season you want to be mindful as well. That in turn may mean kicking up the veggies and H20 and putting down those glasses of vino. Now what I am not saying is that it is okay to overindulge, not workout, and then completely change your diet come January 1st. But what is important is to know yourself and what your body needs. Everyone is different and it is important for you to know how you succeed and fail at certain things so that you can set yourself up to accomplish your goals for the New Year!

Knowing how you fail can be just as important as know how you succeed because they go hand in hand. For example you may be the type of person that needs to have an end goal to focus on or you may be the kind of person that needs smaller goals along the way to get to that end goal. This can be particularly useful in terms of weight loss. If you are approaching the New Year with weight loss in mind determine how much you need to loose and set out small rewards along the way as you begin to loose. Say your ultimate is to loose 25-30lbs by Memorial Day. If you rewards yourself at the end of every month as the weight comes off you are more likely to stay on track. And by reward I do not mean a trip to the local FroYo, but instead a mani/pedi, buying new gym clothes, or signing up for a local race. Reward yourself with something that will keep you motivated along the way and help you see the end results! But remember the goal needs to be realistic and timely…. meaning you are not going to set a goal of loosing 25lbs during the month of January. This is just one example but the different types of goals and how to set them and stay on track is different for every person!

As far as my goals for 2015 I see another half marathon in my future and a hell of a lot more strength training to get me where I want with my pull ups and squats!

My boyfriend’s mother always says “This is your year!” and I absolutely love that saying because it is so true! You can make the year as grand or as negative as you want it to be because you have the most power over your own happiness and success! Now go and enjoy the end of 2014 with friends and family! Enjoy a glass or two or three of champagne and reflect on the ending of another year and the beginning of a new one.

Remember small changes add up and everything counts!

Wishing everyone a Happy & Healthy New Years!