His and hers

This post is a little late to the game but life managed to out crazy my normal crazy week. Oh yeah and then it was Thanksgiving and I traveled home to New England only to be welcomed to four days with no Power. If it wasn’t for the fact that my sister, mom, and I had a LOT to catch up on those days it would have seemed like an eternity. It also helped that endless amounts of Champagne was a flowing!

Anyways…Do you have a running partner or workout buddy? When I first got into fitness and exercise my college and forever best friend Eliza took me under her wings and taught me all she knew. Aside from the fact that I am never bored around her she was also there for me when I needed that little extra push to motivate me on the sluggish days! Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, when I moved from Maine to New York City, I wasn’t able to bring her along. And so I got into the habit of working out primarily solo aside from the occasional group classes.

Since then I have grown accustomed to the solo workout. Thankfully I am easily motivated and have no problem pushing myself! However, since I started dating my boyfriend I have always dreamed that we would be one of those workout couples that love getting up early on the weekends for a long run or a good bootcamp class. My dream has been slow to become a reality since he doesn’t have the same rise and shine mentality on a Saturday morning after a night out of one too many cocktails. Slowly but surely things have started to change and my active lifestyle and his ability to relax has melded!

Three weeks ago on November 9th we ran our first race ever TOGETHER! On the days leading up to the race I wondered if he would actually be able to finish it, if he would need to walk, and would I walk with him? I am not super competitive but I love running and I haven’t had much practice with being a pace leader for someone else. As the race began I fought the urge to barrel by people and blow my boyfriend out of the water. Instead I took the race as an opportunity to do something we have NEVER done together! So I decided to run next to him and chat his ear off as much as possible, many times answering my own questions because he was A not listening or B hadn’t had much practice with the run/chat. I will tell myself the answer is B, but who am I kidding…As we crept closer to the finish line I fought the urge to break out into a sprint. Boy do I regret that decision now because what do you know HE decided to sprint! I didn’t even know he knew how to anymore. So as I was the dutiful girlfriend during the race and he ended up beating me which, he made sure everyone knew. He is lucky I like him (a lot) and I am not overly competitive and that I wasn’t hungry yet because lets be honest no one is safe when I am hangry!

In the end….I can’t wait to run another race with him. But there will be no holding back this time! It’s On!

The race was a 4.5 mile run for the Lead the way fund. The fund is a non-profit organization that raises funds for U.S Army Rangers who have fallen, been injured or become disabled while serving. For more information on the Lead the Way Fund please visit their website and consider donating or signing up for next years race: http://www.leadthewayfund.org




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