Exercise & Cold Season


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The other morning I woke up with a gut wrenching cough. The kind that has you coughing so much you begin to worry how you are going to get any oxygen because your nose is so clogged you can’t use that thing either. I found myself hacking, not coughing my way to the bathroom. At this point I knew there was no turning back with one of two things going to happen. Either I would pass out due to lack of oxygen or I would finally get that nasty phlegm up and out of my chest! In an attempt not toconcern my boyfriend anymore than he already was, I was really hoping for the latter.

Oh boy what a relief it was when I finally rid myself of what looked like Slimer from Ghostbusters. End result, no Scarlett Johansson voice and boyfriend was utterly disgusted. Good Morning to me.

I know what you must be thinking….WHY IN HELL DOES SHE NEED TO TELL US THIS. Answer: I don’t. I just want you to feel bad for me. KIDDING.ย In all honesty you may have had a similar experience and you may have had the same question I had during it at one point…. “Can I still workout?” Unfortunately, there isn’t a clear yes or no answer that can be given but here are a few guidelines you can follow.

When NOT to Workout:

1. Fever

2. Body Aches / Chills

3. Hacking cough

As a rule of thumb if your symptoms seem to be above the neck as in sore throat and runny nose you are probably good to go but you may want to ease off on the intensity and the duration. As hard as itย can be to take a day off, your body will thank you for it in the long run and hopefully you will recover from the plague much sooner. I wonder what my clients would say if I start training them in a white mask and latex gloves?

* You know your body best so give it the TLC it needs. I am not a doctor so if you have a cold and it doesn’t go away even when you stop working out maybe you should see a doctor. Just a thought!


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